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Bleeprin is an oratorio by Agent Dustin O'Grady.


An agent has just MSTed "Celebrian," "Land Before Time: Littlefoot x Cera," and the Cluny Fic on a dare and runs back to the response center to take Bleeprin—only to find that she is fresh out. She tries to get some from the agents next door, but they are angry at her over something that happened recently and refuse. She runs back to her response center to get some General Store change, and the console beeps. She finds her wallet and dashes down to the General Store, running into people along the way. When she arrives, her partner is there, already buying Bleeprin. She takes a dose and they return to their RC.


1. Overture
2. "The Spear, the Orcs!"
3. Recitative: "Upon Returning"
3.5. "Glaurung! Why Now?"
4. Recitative: "Out the Door"
4.5. "Need Bleeprin!"
5. "You Can Jolly Well Go Mad"
5.5. "The M&M Debacle"
6. "Where's my Wallet?"
7. "Not Glaurunging Now"
7.5. "Leela Is Not a Wilting Lily!"
8. Recitative: "The General Store Came First"
8.5. "Pardon me, Terribly Sorry," aka "I'm Running Aimlessly."
9. Recitative: "Upon Arrival"
9.5. "We Have a Mission"
10. Recitative: "Still Relatively Sane"
10.5. Finale: "There Is a Sue in Doctor Who"


  • Though it has yet to appear in a story or be written OOC, the oratorio was mentioned first in this post by Tawaki.