Have you ever been on a Bleepphene drip? The Bleep- stings like hell until the -phene kicks in.
—Agent Supernumerary, "Introducing Ilraen"

Bleepphene is a mixture of brain bleach and morphine. It is used by Medical and FicPsych when an agent or canon character has been severely traumatized, usually by badfic. Bleepphene is administered in an IV drip, which is notoriously painful until the morphine component of the medication kicks in. The patient must be under close supervision both because of the trauma that necessitated the use of Bleepphene, and because Bleepphene is a powerful medication that can cause complications all by itself.

It may have been invented by Neshomeh, but she's not sure and can't imagine why she would have spelled it this way and not "Bleepphine."

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Agent Supernumerary has been on a Bleepphene IV at least once:

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