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Bleepfics, also known as worsefics, AUGHfics, Glaurunging Badfics and several other terms, are those badfics as painful and terrible to read as any Legendary Badfic, but not well-known enough by the community to be considered truly legendary. They are the brain-breakingly bad 'fics that send Boarders scrambling to write frustration-venting missions and drive agents to consume far too much Bleeprin. They have also been known to torture kittens in their spare time.

As with Legendary Badfics, it is strongly recommended that one does not read any Bleepfic without taking the proper precautions; they are almost always NSFB and generally NSFW as well. Don't torture inflict them on the newbies; we need new recruits. At least for now.

Examples of Bleepfics[]

Note: This is not meant to be a list of every badfic we have ever encountered; please restrict examples to those that are really bad, and indicate which continuum they are set in.