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Blank is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by Ekwy.

Agent Profile[]


Blank has white hair, very pale skin and grey eyes. In fact, she lacks pigment to a degree that she actually is incapable of staining her skin or hair at all. Any attempts to dye her hair, get a tattoo or even wear make-up will result in her body absorbing the ink. Blank still loves colour, and will incorporate as much of it as she can with brightly coloured scarves or other accessories.


Blank has spent a long time with the PPC, long enough to be jaded and cynical. She tends to judge Sues very harshly and has little patience for even small mistakes. Sues and even former Sue agents are viewed with suspicion and distrust.

With the recent death of her partner, Blank is finding herself more isolated from the rest of the PPC. She only really spends time with her wife Autumn (formerly known as Spot, who works in the Department of Intelligence), and the small group of people she grew up with. Blank doesn't open up to new people easily and is more likely to respond with sarcasm than an honest conversation.


Blank grew up in the City of Sparklee, a place populated entirely by Mary Sues, but was quickly discarded and imprisoned with others that were as flawed as she was, so-called MSTWs. After the city drew the attention of PPC agents, Blank joined the organisation that got her out of there, first as an assassin and then as a Floater. She was partnered with Agent Zit, another MSTW, who was recently killed in the line of duty.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Response Center 700: Blank and Moira


Partnered with Moira[]

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