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The blacklist is our nickname for the list of topics that are triggering for some of our members. It's okay to discuss these topics, but they need to be warned for first, so that the Boarders affected by them can opt out of engaging with the topic.

In the Discord chatroom, text and images that use these topics should be hidden behind ||spoiler bars||. If someone reacts to a post with the red "x" emoji, that indicates that the blacklist is being violated, and the poster should hide the content behind spoiler bars asap. The chat uses a numbered list as shorthand for each subject, but in missions and Board posts, the topic itself should be named to avoid confusion for new readers.

The Blacklist[]

The numbers here correspond to their shorthand in the chatroom. For example, a warning for needle imagery would be written as "blacklist 8" or "bl8."

  1. Suicide
  2. References to people or animals being food and/or preyed upon, as well as food being presented in the shape of people or animals, or being self-aware
  3. Body horror
  4. Eye injury
  5. Stuffed animals being damaged
  6. Incest
  7. Forced dunking/drowning
  8. Needles
  9. Destructive fire on property and person, as well as burn injuries and death from burning
  10. Grooming of the abusive variety
  11. Child abuse, including kidnapping and abandonment
  12. Abusive medical practices, and abuse of the mentally ill
  13. Violent mouth trauma