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The Bindweed was the Head of the Department of Finance and Deputy for Infrastructure during 1998 and 1999. She was given the post by the Mysterious Somebody following the death of the Evermind at the hands of the DIS, and left along with the MS during the Reorganisation. The Mysterious Somebody and his followers took control of the Mary Sue Factory, which they operated up until 2006, when they attempted to invade HQ.

Crashing Down[]

The Bindweed played only a minor role in Crashing Down; she was revealed to have placed Black Plan in the DIA's computer network at some point in the years since her exile, alerted the Mysterious Somebody to the Black Cats' return to Headquarters, and started the Factory's own invasion, but was sent back before breaking through the doors. Following the MS's death, she was killed by the very same AI she'd installed all those years ago, who blew up the Factory.