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William "Bill" Fallis is a scientist in the Department of Analytical Science, Suvian and Wraith Experiments and Research Division. He and his partner/spouse Lori Starrett joined on October 23, 2008.

The two of them are written by Lily Winterwood.

Character Profile[]


Bill met Lori in undergrad, where she was studying veterinary science. They married after graduation, before Lori disappeared in a semi-fic blip plothole and landed in the PPC. Bill was recruited shortly thereafter.


Bill is almost the opposite of Lori in terms of figure and height. He is short (5'3") and rather robust, whereas she is tall and slender. He has blond hair and blue eyes.


Bill is generally an easygoing guy, often being found hanging out with other colleagues at Rudi's various game circuits. He does have a mild jealous streak, especially since his wife likes to latch herself onto certain pointy-eared Elvish princelings. Despite that, he and Lori have a happy family and have devoted their PPC careers to advancing de-Glitterification technology.


Bill, Lori, and their son Liam live in New Caledonia. They also own a mini-Centurion named Rosilin.


Research Papers[]