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This page is out of date, and is retained only for archive purposes. The page you want is Big Sib/Little Sib.

The Big Sibling/Little Sibling List is a way for Big Sibs to keep track of who else is a Big Sib and who and how numerous their Little Sibs are.

What is Big Sibs/Little Sibs for? Quoting biophys_kim, "It's so new members can interact with some of the members who have been here a while and are able to ask questions and start to make new friends within the group. It's to seem more welcoming."

The original list is located here, where it is sadly defunct.

How to Become a Big Sib[]

  1. Check out the Sib Houses page and decide what house you want to join.
  2. Declare your intention to join as a Big Sib on the Board.
  3. Update this page and the Current Big Sibs counter for your house on the Sib Houses page.

Big Sib/Little Sib Groups[]

Alphabetized by Big Sib.

  • Data Junkie (AKA Nifar) and:
    • WittyNit
    • SingingTheThunder

Unpartnered Big Sibs[]

Also alphabetized. Because alphabetical order is spiffy.