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Beethoven "Moonlight" Sonata, more commonly called "Moon," is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues. He is written by Tomato.

Agent Profile[]


Moon has the appearance of a young man in his twenties, with wavy brown hair. He wears vaguely defined old-fashioned clothes and can usually be seen carrying a violin, a lightsaber, or both.


Moon is intensely paranoid, believing most things to be dangerous and the result of a vast conspiracy of the Flowers. His paranoia was supposedly fixed by FicPsych after his recruitment, but he doesn't seem to have changed much. When he is not developing conspiracy theories, he enjoys playing his violin. He is fluent in Chinese.

Things Moon Does Not Trust
  • Talking Flowers
  • Vampires
  • Singing Razors
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • TARDISes
  • Talking Birds
  • Androids
  • Bats
  • People in Masks

Agent History[]


Moon was the creation of poor punctuation in a Firefly x Harry Potter crossover. He was found by Agents Maria Falcone and Crispin Reed. After a half-joking comment by Maria about the Marquis de Sod, Moon became convinced that the Flowers were sadistic and dangerous beings that wanted to do something unspeakable to the universe. He was eventually subdued and brought to FicPsych.

PPC Career[]

When Moon's supposed rehabilitation in FicPsych was complete, he was partnered with Crispin and Maria. He remained with them until after the incident with Crispin's former partner Coriander, in April, 2008. He then was drafted by April Halloway into the DMS Division of Science Fiction and Steampunk.

Moon is the founder of the Flower Paranoia Society, a group of PPC agents who believe that the Flowers are up to no good. The FPS currently has two members, Moon and Agent Teek.

Mission Reports[]

Partnered with Maria Falcone and Crispin Reed[]

Home: Response Center 24601

Partnered with April Halloway and Lora Riker[]

Home: Response Center 1701