Basilico Andretti is the head of the Department of Internal Affairs' Patrol Division and a former agent of the Department of Implausible Crossovers.

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Another photo of Basilico.

Even though he isn't the tallest or bulkiest of agents, Basilico manages to cut an intimidating figure, at least on-duty, through his stern features, good posture and well-kept appearance. He keeps himself in top condition at all times, and a combination of good diet and long training has given him a great deal of lean, heavily defined muscle. While he dresses very smartly, often wearing suits as of late, he still wears body armour under the formal attire.

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Basilico's personality seems to depend at least in part on if he's on duty or not. On duty he is professional and somewhat cold, and despite his calm demeanour he can be rather stern with his officers, especially when mistakes are made that damage the DIA's image or endanger the populace of HQ. He's a dedicated officer who genuinely wishes to protect and serve the community, and has little tolerance for sloppy police work.

When he's not working, he is still fairly serious and formal, but warmer and more personable. He's a devout Catholic, but keeps his faith and work separate.

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Basilico came to the PPC in April, 2005, and was initially placed in the Department of Implausible Crossovers before the Tiger Lily found out about his experience as a police officer back home in Sicily. He was promptly transferred to the DIA, where he fit in well enough to be placed as a mentor to some officers, such as Hollian Tannis.

While he served well, Basilico did not come to any level of real prominence until the Black Cats' invasion of Headquarters in June, 2006. He survived the fall of DIA Central and distinguished himself in some manner during the combined DIA-DES efforts to repel the invaders, which led to him coming to the Tiger Lily's attention when she sought to rebuild and reorganise the department. Placed in charge of the Patrol Division, which is charged with policing HQ and monitoring detainees, he worked with the Tiger Lily and fellow lieutenant Dúros Black to return the department to a position of strength, where it would be more effective in keeping the people of HQ safe. He has continued this duty since.

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