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Agent Barid is an agent in the All-Purpose Department. He is written by Phobos.

Agent Profile[]


Barid is a jungle troll from the Warcraft universe. He stands 7'1" tall when fully upright, but his slouching brings him down to about 6'4". He has light blue skin and dark blue hair, which he keeps in a thick braid. His tusks are long, though one of them ends abruptly two inches before the other one. The shorter tusk appears to have been broken off. Barid prefers to wear nothing at all, but will put on a robe when leaving the response center.


Barid is a fun-loving explorer. He tries to find something to laugh about in any situation, which usually turns out to be his partner. He enjoys mountain climbing, swimming, and going places where he really has no business being. Barid is also a witch doctor and a tailor.

Agent History[]


Barid joined the PPC after having dispatched a Sue that wandered through a battle to the death that he was involved in with a dwarf (later his partner). The agents who had been tracking the Sue showed up shortly thereafter to find the troll priest and dwarf paladin dazed and covered in glitter. Barid and Eamon were transported to Medical to recover from their near-Sue experience.

Upon their release from Medical, the two were recruited into the Warcraft Division of the All-Purpose Department due to the fact that the division is highly understaffed. They now share a response center and visit their home continuum frequently on missions, and the occasional food run for Barid (due to the Cafeteria's clearly racist policy of not feeding trolls).

Mission Reports[]

Home: Phobos' Lair and RC 1986

Partnered with Brightbeard[]