'BagEnders' is a well-known LotR goodfic. It centres on the Fellowship, made immortal by the Valar (except for Boromir, who is causing merry hell in Mandos) and living in 'the house-share from Hell' in the North of England in the early `00s. It was never meant to be taken seriously, and is probably mostly crackfic.

Characters Edit

In 'BagEnders', Frodo suffers from 'post-Ringbearer Syndrome' and is house mother. Aragorn is a Park Ranger having a mid-life crisis. Legolas works on the railways serving tea and coffee and bemoaning the fact that the Valar make him live with the Fellowship and not with other Elves. Gimli works the night shift and is rarely seen. Gandalf is basically Father Jack from Father Ted and drinks meths and other questionable substances. Merry and Pippin work stacking shelves in various supermarkets, and Sam works as a gardener. Other characters who turn up are Elladan and Elrohir (known as 'the Twins') who own a surf shop in Cornwall, make 'special' lembas, and say 'Duuuuuude' a lot; Radagast; Celeborn; and various original characters: Julie (Frodo's psychiatric nurse), Mrs. Wainthrop (the Fellowship's neighbour), and Dave, the Twins' drugged friend.

Location Edit

The original 'BagEnders' may be found here. Please note that the site hasn't been updated since 2004, and the last maintenance was done in 2005, so some things may not be accessible. The Tolkien_Silliness Yahoo! Group linked to on that page has an archive of all episodes, in case of complete loss of the site, but it requires you to join the group to access them.

Spinoffs Edit

At the conclusion of 'BagEnders', author Random Dent said that anyone wishing to write further adventures for the 'BagEnders' gang could do so if they wished. So far, two spinoffs are known:

  • 'The New Bagenders': in which the Fellowship uproot and move to America. This spinoff appears to be defunct.
  • 'PseudoBagEnders': which continues the original traditions of crack in the North of England, and is written on and off by Trojie and Pads.
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