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A badficcer is someone who writes badfic.

Types of Badficcer[]

  • Suethor: These badficcers write Mary Sues, otherwise known as pure self-indulgent characters published with no regard for quality. One could call those who write the male version of Mary Sues, the Gary Stu, a 'Stuthor,' but nobody does that... which is a shame, because it's a handy portmanteau of 'stupid' and 'author.'
  • Badslasher: These badficcers write bad slash, which is the inexplicable and low quality homosexual pairing story—usually resulting in bad sex with no regard for quality OR biology.

There are more, less well-known subtypes that write things such as bad crackfic and other badfic categories, but the majority of badficcers are Mary Sue or pairing-based. Sometimes both.

The Age of Badficcers and the Ethics of Sporking[]

Anybody can write a badfic, but the young and inexperienced are far more likely to. These writers range from innocent people who sincerely think their writing is quality, to overly exuberant people who don't realize nobody wants to hear them babble on and on about pairings or how cool their character is, all the way to the lazy ones who just want a quick fix and a million 'ur good' comments to boost their self-esteem.

While no PPC agent wants to be called a drooling fangirl, the PPC does differentiate between fangirls and fanbrats. Fangirls often baby their characters and break down when they are told said characters are no good. Fanbrats will unveil their shallow, self-centered nature when their work is criticized—sometimes instigating the conflict themselves. To fanbrats, attention is attention and they are the center of the world.

Fanboys write fanfic, too, but it is rarer.

There is the argument that being critical of bad fanfic hurts the self-esteem of children and is a very bad thing to do. The PPC does not agree—we actually prefer to avoid the badficcers finding out about missions in their stories, but if they do, the facts are that satire has always existed, most fanfic sites have a prerequisite age to post, and on the whole the PPC is actually far more gentle than a disorganized flaming effort. For further discussion, please see the FAQ: For Other People, especially the "I am only twelve / am new at this" excuse.