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A Badfic Report is a form of PPC fiction, wherein a person or character outside the PPC sends the Department of Intelligence a report on a badfic they have encountered. Unusually among PPC-related stories, Badfic Reports do not require Permission, as they are written from the point of view of characters who are not members of the Protectors of the Plot Continuum, and have no access to PPC technology and concepts.

Badfic Reports are modelled on Intelligence reports; however, their narrative sections usually concern a character reading from a computer or other badfic source, rather than entering it in PPC style.

This page acts as a hub for Badfic Reports. These reports are intended to aid agents in selecting their targets, and are not aiming to act in place of missions. A story which has had a report written should still be attended by a member of an Action Department.

All stories should also be found on either the Unclaimed Badfic or Claimed Badfic pages.

Report Format[]

Please use this template as a basis for your reports.

The format of report listings is:

  • Story link — Fandom — Rating — Report

The Reports[]

Architeuthis' Reports[]

The archetypical Badfic Report was submitted by not-yet-agent Archeteuthis, and is mentioned in Intelligence Brief 01: The Beginning.