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Badfic, which is a portmanteau of bad fanfic, is a type of fanfiction. As can be assumed from their name, badfics are bad.

While there are countless examples of poor fanfiction on the internet, only the worst is considered to be badfic. This is due to the following sort of characteristics that badfics tend to suffer from:

Types of Badfic[]

The Canon Protection Initiative is against badfic of any kind except in parody, and although the PPC was originally created only to deal with Suefic, it has since branched out into other kinds of badfic. Some of these are as follows:

It should be noted that the last two types can be any of the former; Bleepfics are particularly awful and Legendary Badfics are particularly awful and particularly well-known for it among PPCers. Click at your own risk.