PPC Bad Slasher by EloriePPC

A particularly well-kitted-out Bad Slasher.

A Bad Slasher, also referred to as an Exorcist, is an agent working in the Department of Bad Slash. A badslasher is someone who commits badslash. It is very important not to confuse the two. The former in particular are likely to respond badly to being mistaken for the latter.

Bad Slashers on the whole have a high tolerance for things that make other people feel unclean just thinking about, let alone witnessing. On the other hand, they also tend to not like killing things. Instead, Bad Slashers most often perform exorcisms on possessed canon characters, freeing them from the negative influence of slash-spirits.

Known Bad Slashers Edit

For a full list, see Category:Department of Bad Slash.

Like all departments in the PPC, the DBS has a high turnover rate, but these Bad Slashers have either stuck it out longer than most or did something else to stand out among their peers.

  • Trojanhorse and Paddlebrains (RC #45) are the best-known Bad Slashers, racking up an incredible thirty-six recorded missions during their career as partners, including Littlefoot x Cera. Trojie alone has a whopping forty-six to her name.
  • Luxury comes a close second. While not sharing the impressive mission records of other agents, she has a more than impressive reputation. People are warned about Lux.
  • Stormsong and Skyfire (RC #666) are the department's resident anthro agents, being originally from Redwall.
  • Xericka and Gremlin, though relative newcomers, have made great strides.
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