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Bad geography is a common feature of badfic, and pretty much always a charge. The Department of Geographical Aberrations was created specifically to deal with it.

Types of Geographical AberrationsEdit

Geographical CompressionEdit

Geographical compression is probably the most common type of bad geography. When a badfic writer severely underestimates the distance between two locations, the space in between, and all objects in it, are compressed into the new, smaller, space.

Geographical expansion also exists, but is less common.

Uncanon LocationsEdit

Badfic may insert anything from an extra room to an entire solar system into the canon. Sue princesses often come from entire countries that shouldn't exist. A location can only be declared uncanon if canonical maps or detailed descriptions exist that do not permit the existence of the location.

Uncanon locations may be deliberately created, or accidentally created via typos.

Misplaced LocationsEdit

Everything from buildings to entire countries have been found switched around, located where they shouldn't be, or even moved into an entirely different continuum.

Solutions for Geographical AberrationsEdit

  • Many geographical aberrations resolve themselves when agents kill the Sue or banish the Sue-wraith causing the distortions. Cases where this isn't possible are usually referred to DOGA.
  • Buildings, towns, and other smaller uncanon locations can simply be burned, thus the Pyro Department nickname.
  • The Department of Implausible Crossovers untangles displaced locations in the wrong continuum; locations generally move back to their usual places after the canon characters return home.
  • It is possible, but very risky, to manually move a location back to its proper continuum by the creation of multiple portals via remote activator.
  • The Sun Crusher is a last-resort solution for planet-sized and larger uncanon locations. Requires a licensed pilot.


Geographical Compression
Uncanon Locations
Misplaced Locations
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