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Aztec, also known as aztec_the_great on LiveJournal, was a Boarder in 2009-2010 and a co-founder of the scifi_sues Sue Report. She co-wrote two unofficial missions in the Mass Effect continuum featuring an agent of the same name. The missions have been retroactively Permitted by Neshomeh, who stumbled across them in October 2021, read them, and decided they're fine apart from some SPaG errors. Aztec's co-writers were Wings and Phoenix, who each wrote an agent of the same name.

Agent Aztec[]

A member of the Department of Mary Sues, Sci-Fi/Steampunk Division, who was partnered with Agent Wings. The pair also worked with Agent Phoenix of the Twilight Division, who was trained by Wings. Aztec is a Mass Effect fan who vehemently denies having a crush on Palin, meaning she definitely has a crush on Palin.

Mission Reports[]