Axe Gimli

Gimli's battleaxe from the LotR films.

An axe (UK spelling) or ax (US spelling) is an implement consisting of a sharp metal or flint head on a haft, or handle, which is usually wooden. Axes can have one or two blades and be used with one or two hands, depending on the size of the head and length of the haft. They can be used for chopping wood, as a ceremonial symbol, or, as is more common in the PPC, as a weapon. In the latter capacity, they can even be thrown.

Dwarves from many continua are closely associated with axes, especially the ones that don't get along with trees. Gimli, a Dwarf of Middle-earth, famously wields an axe. In the movies, he uses no less than five different types.

Agent Laburnum received an axe as a present from the Official Fanfiction University of Redwall after the purging of That Series, and treasures it.

Other Uses Edit

"Axe" is also a brand of men's deodorant that has been known to kill at twenty paces and a slang term for a guitar, but it's less common to kill people with those, unless you're Jim Steinman.

"Ax" is also the nickname of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthil, an Andalite from the Animorphs continuum. While his tail-blade is a deadly weapon, it is not advisable to try wielding it yourself.

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