The Avon Rift is a phenomenon similar to the Cardiff Rift in Doctor Who, except that it exists in the Real World. Yes, seriously. It causes a number of spatio-temporal effects in the Bath and Bristol area of England.


The known effects of the Avon Rift are:

  • The complete closing of Limpley Stoke to the outside world. Yes, complete. Nothing could get in or out.
  • The closed nature of Chew Valley. While it was impossible to get into Limpley Stoke, it is nigh-impossible to get out of Chew Valley, or away from Chew Valley Lake.
  • The time-displaced nature of Bath, where the architecture is all in Georgian (18th century) style, by law.
  • A continuing PPC presence in the area, including statues of Flowers, actual sightings of either Flower Officials or imitators of them, and graffiti reading "DMS" across the city.


Agent Morgan, in her capacity as a Time Lord, visited the Avon Valley area on two occasions. The first time, shortly before the 2008 Macrovirus Epidemic, she broke the distortion around Limpley Stoke. Later in the year, in her third regeneration, she returned and partially sealed the Rift by causing a large explosion in the area. What long-term effects this will have remains to be seen.

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