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Avery Verre is an agent in the Department of Floaters. They are written by Silv.


Avery has brown hair, usually pulled back into a short ponytail to reveal the shaved sides of their head. They typically wear an oversized black hoodie, jeans, and sneakers. The hoodie in particular is to help alleviate dysphoria.


Avery's home 'verse is that of Epithet Erased, a somewhat World One adjacent canon where the most obvious difference are Epithets. One in five people are inscribed with a word on their soul that gives them powers.

Avery's Epithet is Reflection. In Avery's words, for the most part, that means cool stuff with mirrors. Reflect is the simplest ability: Avery summons a mirror to reflect attacks, or if they just need a mirror. Mirror Image allows them to create a mirror like the Mirror of Erised, which shows anyone that looks into it an object that they want in the moment. If the object is small and simple enough, Avery can summon it. Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes: one target sees an illusion of Avery's desire, but it has to be something the target would want. If the target realized that something is wrong, the illusion breaks. Shatter: a summoned mirror breaks, and can be telekinetically thrown.

Reflection also affects how people perceive Avery.


Avery is rather reserved, but kind when they can be. A lifetime of constantly being perceived as something they are not resulted in them doing as little as possible to fuel that part of their epithet by seeming as average as possible. Stumbling across the PPC was an accident, but they enjoy their time there. The nature of their jobs lead people to have different preconceptions of them, some of which are even close to being true. Calm and level-headed in the face of most badfic, fear the times they break. They tend to take what people say literally, and have an insatiable curiosity.

Avery is nonbinary. Even their author doesn't know what's in their pants.


January 2020[]

  • Avery's old partner transfers out, and they're partnered with Liz.
  • Their first missions together.
  • Liz and Avery have a Talk.
  • Avery shows Liz the ropes for Bad Slash in her first mission of such..

Mission Reports[]

Partnered with Liz[]