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The movie poster, showing a Na'vi

Not to be confused with Avatar or Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Avatar is a science fiction film directed by James Cameron. It concerns Jake Sully, a human who comes to the moon of Pandora as part of the Avatar program. This involves him sleeping in a pod and inhabiting a living shell resembling the Na'vi, a sentient life-form on Pandora that looks something like a ten-foot tall walking blue cat, with the intent of spying on them. However, things go wrong, he's forced to adopt the Na'vi lifestyle, he loves it...

... and then the movie pretty much reprises Dances with Wolves in full from that point forward.

Avatar is known primarily for two things: it's known as the first showcase of a new piece of motion capture technology that was developed by Cameron, and it's also known for being the highest-grossing movie of all time. Despite these two rather nifty facts (or maybe because of them), this movie has garnered a massive hatedom on the Internet, possibly because of its clichéd plot and flat characters. Many, however, like this movie.

Avatar in Fanfiction[]

Despite the fact that the movie is the highest-grossing movie of all time, Avatar remains one of the less-frequented continua of movie-related fanfiction circles. However, there is still plenty of it, mostly revolving around shipping fics, alternate universe fics, self-insert fics... the whole gamut.

Goodfic tends to greatly expand on the characterizations provided in the canon, especially since most of the characters are relatively flat and one-note. Badfic, however, is prone to making the same mistakes as every other continuum's badfic.

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