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Agent Aster Corbett is a human female, and joined as an assassin in the Department of Mary Sues, Video Games Division, in December 2010.

Agent Profile[]


Aster Corbett originated as a self-insert version of an author in World One, but the story was never written beyond the first chapter or so. As she had not established herself as a Mary Sue and gained next to no notability to PPC Intelligence, her desultory story persisted alone in fictional space. Eventually, after a few years of being stuck in only a single chapter, Aster Corbett gained enough self-awareness and sentience to realize her situation, and manage to break out of her abandoned Word World.

She found that there were many other copies of her own house in close proximity: the mysterious author (known only as Aster Prime) had started many similar stories. Under the shock of realizing what had happened, Aster Corbett ventured into each and every unfinished, bad self-insert story and exterminated all inferior copies of herself, becoming the sole remaining Aster Corbett other than her creator. She would go on to rampage through several fandoms, gunning down any and all Mary Sues and original characters alike in her sights.

Aster remained rogue for some time, until she encountered and befriended PPC Intelligence Agent Keily Shinra. After much mothering, coaxing, and an incident involving the Assassin's Creed canon, Aster Corbett was persuaded to join the PPC with a slightly less self-destructive purpose in life.


Aster Corbett stands at 5' 7" tall, and is (not very) identifiable by her messy, wavy brown hair and tannish skin. She is of average weight, average muscle mass, and is of a heavy build, with thick wrists and ankles, and broad shoulders and hips. She has a birthmark on the inside corner of her left eye that resembles a piece of crud forever stuck there.


Aster and Lore in RC 314. The windows don't actually show anything. HQ is weird that way.

Aster Corbett is loud, impatient, and prone to fits of frustration and anger. She has a big mouth, and not afraid to speak her mind. However, she also possesses a very acute sense of justice and honor, and will abide by a strong moral compass in most everything except the killing of Mary Sues. On the other hand, she has a hatred of self-insert Mary Sues, because she sees the horror she could have become in them. Aster Corbett is very loyal to her friends. She is not bothered by the fact that she is a little bit of a klutz, and enjoys activities like sword fighting and horseback riding regardless.


She very much likes to cook, and would share her food with others... if only she had the time.

She is friends with the Intelligence Agent Ray Chell, and often receives missions from her. They also slink off together sometimes to comically fan-worship Ganondorf.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Response Center 314 Archive

Partnered with Lore[]

  • Mission Three: "Assassins Among Dragons" (Spyro the Dragon x Assassin's Creed)
    • Great tastes don't taste great together when Aster and Lore tackle an anthro Assassin's Creed Gary Stu and his many nemeses... in Spyro the Dragon. February 17, 2011.
  • Mission Six: "A Southern Californian in King Calian's Court" (Dragon Age: Origins)
    • Agent Aster is sent on a punitive three-day Intelligence detail, encountering a Sue that sleeps a glittery streak across Ferelden... and finds herself explaining the mission of the PPC to a member of possibly the only more unfortunate organization in the multiverse. October 31, 2011.