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An assassin with a full complement of gear.

An assassin is someone whose job it is to kill people. In the PPC, when one refers to an assassin, they likely mean an agent in the Department of Mary Sues, since they are the ones who claim the majority of kills in the PPC.

Keep in mind that an assassination is not a murder in this context, but the creative removal of a Mary Sue from a reality in which she has no place. Mary Sues are not real people, thus they cannot be murdered.

Known Assassins[]

For a full list, see Category:Department of Mary Sues.

The PPC has a high turnover rate, and the DMS even more so. However, these assassins have distinguished themselves enough to be known to the general population.

  • Jay Thorntree and Acacia Byrd (RC F) are, of course, the most famousest of hobbits assassins.
  • Suicide, Diocletian, and Ithalond (RC 2771a) are well known for various reasons: Suicide is something of a PPC lust object, Ithalond is the recruit from "C*l*br**n," and Dio is known for having suffered from and/or faked Bursar Disease and gotten away with it. Su and Dio were also one of the teams assigned to the legendarily failed mission to Legendary Badfic "Subjugation."
  • Laburnum and Foxglove (RC 88) are known for their high squick tolerance, and also for PPCing the greater part of That Series.
  • The Aviator and Zeb (RC 3-Apple-14) hold the record for the most completed missions in the department. They are best known, however, for single-handedly PPCing the entirety of the Rose Potter series as well as Little Miss Mary. And then there was the Time Lord thing, but they don't like to talk about that.