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He's not a tame Lion.
—Many characters in Narnia
The end of Narnia? Oh no. Instead, I thought we'd find teenagers much cooler than you and force you to hang out with them! Our first guest? A delightful little girl called Mary Sue.
—Aslan in the webcomic Home on the Strange.

Aslan talks to Lucy.

Aslan is the guardian and deity of Narnia, and some agents believe Him to be the Christian God and/or Jesus. Aslan appears as a talking lion, but cannot be possibly confused with any of the talking animals in Narnia. Being omniscient, He knows all about the PPC, but do not expect Him to help agents or even favor them. Although He is generally depicted as good and wise, He is also quite mysterious and (like other deities) does not do His work according to whims of humans or other sentient creatures.

Despite His goodness, He is also very frightening to the unprepared, the willfully ignorant, or the insecure. He is very Great and Solemn—His gravity and great importance are vital to His characterization. Aslan is immune to Suvian influence. If He seems to be acting OOC, the 'Aslan' is in fact a character replacement, sometimes known as Tashlan.