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Agent Arya Dragon is Agent X's partner. They reside in RC 1214. She belongs to a friend of insanegrrl, but cameo'd in one mission.

She is a Sued version of Arya (an elf from the Inheritance Cycle who is arguably already a Canon Sue) who had enough personality to rescue instead of kill. In her Eragon Suefic, she was given the Super L33t Sue Powa of transforming into a vaguely humanoid dragon at will. She is a pyromanaic and can torch things very effectively. When in human form, she has black straight hair and black eyes, pale skin, and pointed elf ears. In dragon form, she's six feet tall and has dark red scales.

Agent Arya's department is unknown, but due to her high power level, it is likely to be either the Eclectic Subdivision of Advanced Species or Department of Floaters, Special Operations Division.


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