Arthur Briggs is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues. He is written by Antigone68104.

Agent ProfileEdit

Arthur Briggs is originally from a (fictional) Third Doctor badfic. He was a UNIT corporal and sniper, only present to die covering the Sue's escape from a Dalek task force. Instead, he found himself yanked through a glowing door for a chat with two black-clad strangers, specifically the DMS agents assigned to that fic. Once the PPC's mission was explained to him, he signed up gladly.

Briggs received a culture implant based on late 20th century Earth militaries upon joining the PPC. Between that and his Suethor (who may have been shaky on the difference between British English and American English, but knew Army structure), he has a military outlook on life. It took the Flowers eighteen months to convince him he didn't have to salute them.

Briggs has been a member of the Department of Mary Sues, Freelance Division, since June 2009. For most of that time, his partner was Agent Conrad Wilkenson. In addition to their normal duties, they regularly took new agents on training missions. In April 2011, Agent Wilkenson got careless around a Pirates of the Caribbean Warrior!Sue, and is currently recovering in Medical. Shortly after this, he was assigned intern Lynn Gillies as trainee-partner.

Briggs is 5’8” tall, with an athletic build. He has short red hair and blue eyes. He normally wears black-dyed battledress with the DMS flash patch, and black combat boots. He still has his original UNIT beret, and wears it when in Headquarters.

Briggs has dated several female agents, but doesn't have any registered Lust Objects.

Given a choice in the matter, Briggs will let bit characters assimilate into canon instead of killing or recruiting them.

Mission ReportsEdit

Home: RC 8345

Partnered with Lynn GilliesEdit

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