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The Armoury (or Armory) stores weapons from various continua for agents. It is the best place to stop if you need a canonical weapon that you, for whatever reason, do not have. It is run by Zim, and might be found (with luck) just off an Escher Room downstairs from DoSAT.[1]

The Armoury may or may not be a division of the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology; certainly, some of the weapons provided here require maintenance from that department. Alternatively, it may fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Operations, which provides agents with basic non-weapons gear via the Supply Depot.

There are likely some agents who are barred from entering the Armory because of the number of shinies it contains.

Oddly, the PPC Computer Game shows that there are two tanks in the Armoury, though why an agent would need one or how the owner got them in there (considering that they're too large to fit through the door) are anyone's guess.

Other Armouries[]

The Armoury's main competitor is Big Murphy's store in New Caledonia. There are also rumours about the existence of an armoury run by Agent Ansela of the Department of Floaters. Whether or not this is true, the agent in question has been known to loan a large range of weapons to agents in need of extra firepower during missions.

Aside from these two armouries, plus any competing weapon shops, DIA and DIO Central have their own for the use of their agents. This was especially important for the DIO, who couldn't really afford to be seen by non-DIO agents.