Ariuella Shadowfox, AKA Aria, was a Mary Sue slain by Agents Jay and Acacia. She appeared in a Lord of the Rings badfic.

Character History Edit

Aria was a Boromir-lusting uncanonical second daughter of Elrond. She owned a Dark Falcon and had "mysterious violet and silver eyes." She joined the Fellowship, gave Boromir an amethyst pendant, and stopped him from dying.

Naturally, Acacia spent a good part of the mission being restrained by her partner from killing the Sue too early.

Charges Edit

Aria was charged with "disrupting the canon by joining the Fellowship, messing around with the characters of just about everyone but especially Boromir purely to appease your hormones, altering the plot completely just to suit yourself, preventing... preventing several important canonical events... such as the death of Boromir and the capture of Merry and Pippin, distributing jewelry, being the other daughter of Elrond, having contradictory eyes, using horrid metaphors to describe your hair and voice, stealing canonicals' lines, cannibalizing the lines you did let them say, having to invite Boromir into the Fellowship, upstaging canonical characters, having horrible grammar and spelling, changing Celebrían's name, separating Merry and Pippin, having a Cute Animal Friend and giving it a dumb name and neglecting it, massacring the Elvish language, massacring the English language, omitting punctuation where it's really needed, causing more snow than in both canons combined, creating mini-Balrogs, mucking with acoustics, knowing about shock waves, doing horrible sap scenes, and conspiracy to confer immortality on a mortal."

Character Demise Edit

During the battle that should have caused Boromir's death, Acacia killed Aria by breaking a jar containing a flame over her head. The canon restored itself, and Boromir died as he should have.

Aria's body did not need to be destroyed, since the flame had already cremated her.

Aria's falcon, Kes, was rescued and renamed Ava rather than killed, an event that marked the beginnings of an official effort to adopt, rather than kill, at least some Cute Animal Friends.

Mission ReportEdit

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