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Arinellya is an agent in the Department of Bad Slash. She is written by Iximaz.


As a draenei, Arinellya is significantly taller than most humans, standing at an impressive seven feet, and that's not including the elegant coif of her blue hair (which adds another three inches). She has periwinkle blue skin, a short tail, glowing white-blue eyes, and backswept blue horns. Her hooves are a turquoise color and always impeccably polished. Her blue and gold, midriff-baring robes are self-made (she's a tailor) and always kept in perfect condition. She's not very athletic, having spent the majority of her pre-PPC life as a healer, but at least her skills come into good use whenever she's sent on a mission involving Bad Biology. While in the field, she carries a blue and white staff.

When in human disguise, she appears as a willowy blonde woman in her mid-twenties.


Arinellya dislikes violence, hence the reason for being placed in Bad Slash. Of course, her partner is very fond of killing, something that never ceases to get on her nerves. She tries to remain dignified at all times, and usually succeeds. Well, somewhat.

Being an old member of the DBS, there's not much that can faze her, but everyone has their breaking points. Otherwise, she's very calm and levelheaded, noting down charges with a detached air of disinterest.

Mission Reports[]

Partnered with Kalen[]

RC 62442

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