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Ari is an agent in the Department of Implausible Crossovers, recently transferred from Floaters.


As an ex-Mary Sue, Ari still has the good looks her author gave her. As a character replacement of Alicia Testarossa, she has short blond hair and red eyes. When she's on a mission, she'll almost always be wearing her Barrier Jacket, a black Enforcer's uniform.


Ari is generally easygoing, having a slightly higher tolerance for inaccuracy then her partner, and thinks that getting the smaller charges is unnecessary so long as the major ones are included, although she is a stickler for character accuracy, which means she's almost always annoyed.

Agent History[]

Ari was a character replacement in a Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha fanfiction which involved Alicia Testarossa somehow coming back to life and becoming master over the Book of Dawn. As the un-canonical Book would reincarnate several years later, the agents assigned to the mission, Lana and Narav, couldn't kill her. Since the spelling and grammar in her story were good, and because she had some traces of personality, Ari was recruited and renamed. She was later partnered with Tera. They spent several missions as Floaters, before being transferred to the Department of Implausible Crossovers.

She currently lives with the minis Hacken Form, rein, Teana Lanstar, shit ruond, Yunno, Fate chan, Fate POV, and Nanoha POV in a very crowded RC.

Mission Reports[]

Partnered with Tera[]