Architeuthis is a long-time agent in the Department of Intelligence, Lord of the Rings Division. She was around at the time of Jay and Acacia, when she was interested in moving to the Department of Mary Sues once she learned how to shoot straight. Apparently she either never did or changed her mind, since she was still serving as a Spy during the attacks on HQ in 2006, and then the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion. Architeuthis also made a cameo in "Suedom," and at least one mission in the Original Series.

Architeuthis was featured as Agent of the Week the week of October 3–9, 2011.

Appearance Edit

Architeuthis' recorded reports are written exclusively in the first person; as such, her appearance goes completely undescribed. All that can be deduced is based on a comment about her mother: "My mother's blonde and thin, but that doesn't mean she has Elvish blood." This implies that Architeuthis herself is not blonde or thin, since she could have referred to herself if she were.

According to her PPC Cluedo card, Architeuthis has short black hair, blue eyes, and medium brown skin. This is subject to change if more canonical information is discovered—or created.

Intelligence Reports Edit

Home: Intelligence Briefs for the PPC at PPC: The Lost Tales

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