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An Apotastrophe is a creature, similar to a mini, created by a misplaced apostrophe or misused possessive pronoun. Apotastrophies often resemble a living apostrophe with stumpy legs, although other forms have been observed.


The name "Apotastrophe" is believed to have been thought up by Agents Scorpia Lotus and Twiggy Papaya. Their first encounter with one came when a character told the Sue, "Your late." The Sue’s late trundled across the floor, wagging its scaly tail and motoring along on its stumpy legs. Its shell had a pretty pattern of red arrows on a glossy black background.[1]

As well as Your Late, the same mission also provided Your Welcome (which was densely furry) and Your in L.A. (which remained undescribed). Because of this, Scorpia and Twiggy initially called the creatures Yourses[1] However, by the start of their next mission, they had started calling them Apotastrophies. This mission provided two examples of a new type of Apotastrophe: "there own" and "there thoughts".[2]


Although Apotastrophies often resemble living living apostrophes, this is not always the case. One notable example was the ring's Gimli, found by Agent Monty Biggins. This one took the form of a two inch tall Gimli, dressed as a devil and hanging from the One Ring.[3]