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Apollo is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues. He is written by Novastorme.


Coming from a scrapped original story Apollo (or as he was called then James Peirson) was one of what was called the first Generation, the first powered humans to evolve on an unkind and xenophobic Earth. Luckily for James his power was not as obvious as others and so he was able to live in a relatively loving family until he moved to Ryde City for university, or at least that was his ruse. For James was also known as Apollo, his power being perfect vision, able to see in darkest night or through a smokescreen with next to no trouble. As Apollo James utilized a bow and a baseball bat, a simple yet effective weapon that was easy to use and maintain. James was a part of a larger team of superheroes known as the Guardians who tried to not only help the world but also bring in peace and equality for all Powered. Apollo was able to escape having been left 'on a solo mission' when the story was scrapped. The plothole deposited him in the HQ, where he was paranoid enough to decide to use his superhero name as his real name. It has since stuck.


Apollo stands at six foot exactly. His short black hair extends into two short sideburns coming down to just below his earlobes. He has light blue eyes. His overall build is similar to that of an athlete, years of exercise, doing both running and archery means that he is quite fit.


Overall Apollo is quite warm and welcoming, whilst he can (and quite often does) shut down his emotions whilst performing a specific task. Tactically minded he was initially looked upon to be the Leader of the second group of Guardians, although he didn't like the role and was happy when Atlas (another character not the titan) stepped in to take up the role.

Mission Reports[]

  1. "In Which Apollo and Kelly meet", (Prelude)