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Apecian is an agent in the Department of Floaters. He is written by Granz the Ice Cream Monarch.


Apecain has short, black hair, pale skin, red eyes with slit pupils. He stands at 5'11", and has an Ouroboros tattoo located on his back, directly under the central circle of his t-shirt. He is usually found wearing a black shirt and t-shirt and black pants. The t-shirt and its many twins have what look like an hourglass on the back, and on each point of the hourglass is a red circle.


Apecian is the kind of person that loves to do things that are fun, and only things that are fun. The only reason he works for the PPC is because he finds sporking fics fun. He reads many series, plays many games, and watches many shows, whatever he finds interesting and will often become obsessed with one to the point of spending hours on end theorizing about what would happen if Jones got a chance to get a Geass, just because he can and he finds it fun to do, but he will eventually lose interest and move on, sometimes before he's even finished a series.

Apecian loves a good laugh, and has a tendency to make jokes whenever he thinks it won't send the people around him flying off the handle and straight into the brick wall known as ‘insanity'. Unfortunately, he's not all that practiced at reading other people, so unless somebody slaps him upside the head and yells in his ear that a particular subject isn't funny for them, he'll just keep going and going and going. He usually has to stuff his part of his arm in his mouth whenever he sees something particularly odd happening in a badfic in order to keep himself from ruining his cover. One of his two biggest berserk buttons comes from his general adoration of all things happy and silly—he despises angstfic, and exposure to it usually leads to forced restraint by his partner. His other big berserk button is Holier-Than-Thou characters, who proclaim their strength of character to all the nations and are nothing but frauds, probably relating to dear old Dad, and no, not the canon one.


February 2017[]

  • Arrives in HQ.
  • Is partnered with Michael.

Mission Reports[]

Partnered with Michael[]

  1. "Love's Labour Lust" (Harry Potter), with Ix and Charlotte (ESAS)