Anti-Lustin is a medication used to reduce feelings of sexual desire in agents who have a hard time not drooling over Lust Objects. It is also used to treat attacks of Hyperlustin. It was invented by Agent Lambda.

Its active ingredient is a modified protein derived from blood samples of Dwarves, the race most resistant to Sue-induced lust.* It comes in green vials for immediate action and orange vials for extended action. The immediate-action formula is given intravenously and starts working within five minutes of injection; relief lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours. The extended-action formula is given subcutaneously, starts working within one hour of injection, and continues working for 24 hours.

Anti-Lustin is NOT for use in non-humanoids or Mary Sues. It has not been tested in non-humanoids, and clinical trials have proven it ineffective in Sues.

The immediate-action formula can cause sleepiness following injection. There is a lesser chance of this side-effect with the extended-action formula. Anti-Lustin may be taken with Bleeprin, but combining with alcohol, Bleepzac, Bleepium, etc. is contraindicated due to increased sleepiness.

For obvious reasons, it is forbidden to spike newlyweds' beverages with it.

* This may have changed following the release of Peter Jackson's Hobbit trilogy, which made several members of Thorin's company into Lust Objects. On the other hand, it may be that Dwarves in general are still lust-resistant even though specific Dwarves like Thorin have been compromised.

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