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Anneli Rodriguez is an agent who works in the Department of Floaters. She is partnered with Cinderella and Xanthus Garkaran, and is written by Herr Wozzeck.


Judging from how she is around her partners, one can assume that she has been with the PPC for a while. However, she has yet to speak about all of her pre-RC 2183 work, and she prefers to keep it that way unless Cindy and Xanthus ask. However, what she has revealed is that she used to work in the DMS for some time, which engendered a strange hatred of Mary Sues.


Anneli is rather perky for being an agent, and often comes across like a prep girl thanks to the fact that she peppers words like "like," "uh," and "totally" into her speech all the time. Don't let this fool you, though: despite acting like a girl who would always go shopping with her friends while talking about the next hot celebrity in town, Anneli is quite intelligent, and it shows in a lot of what she says. She is also really good to her friends, even if she does get a bit overexcited around them. Still, she stays by her friends no matter what. Just beware her temper, because if it ever gets bad, it gets really bad. Her inner feminist rarely comes out, but when it does, expect her to get really angry, particularly at Sues.

Also, she has weird ways of looking at romance, but they grow on any agent that works with her after a while. Or so she hopes.

Mission Reports[]

Home: PPC Response Center #2183

Partnered with Cindy and Xanthus[]