Anna is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is partnered with Agent Silver. She is written by Tigeress.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Anna is a paleish, gangly girl with choppy brown hair cut at her neck and brown eyes. She keeps her hair cut so short because if she lets it grow to much, it looks very 'Sueish.

Personality Edit

Anna is very outgoing and chatty. She’s the girl that the day she comes to a school, everyone is her friend. She is a kinder being than Silver. But, quite often, she takes things too literally, which, due to Silver’s habit of sarcasm, gets both of them in trouble. She, due to her knighthood in her badfic, can swing a sword. Not much more than that, though. She is a master at manipulating people to do what she likes, and has no qualms about telling people what to do. She does NOT like being mistaken for either a) Annabeth from Percy Jackson or b) Ana from Frozen.

Recruitment Edit

Anna was a bit character from a Ranger’s Apprentice fanfic; she took the place of Horace as a knight, while the Mary Sue took the place of Will. When agents dealt with the fic, they decided to recruit Anna. So, after a few months of rehab, Anna became an agent.

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