The Andromedan Relation Theory theorizes that Mary Sues are related to the Andromedans from the 1956 short story "Legwork." It points out their powers to control people through hypnosis.

It is somewhat far-fetched considering the extreme differences between Mary Sues and any other canon organism. Theories and PPC science studies such as the Eldritch Theory of Suvians, the Scientific Theory of Suvian Origins, and the Suvian Proteome continue to be far more probable, or at least workable explanations of what Suvians are and where they came from.

Anything is possible, though. PPC scientists have been working hard, and will continue to work hard to figure out these mysteries, even if the majority of us would rather not touch a Mary Sue with anything other than a pointy stick, a sharp object, or perhaps a blunt club-type implement.

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