Andrew Jones is an agent who works for the Department of Floaters and is partnered with Joseph Vladimir. He and his partner are both written by Crimson Flight.

Agent ProfileEdit


Andrew is approximately a metre seventy-five in height; slightly shorter than his partner. He has messy reddish-brown hair, which is tied up into a ponytail. His eyes are a cloudy blue. His usual outfit consists of a standard PPC black shirt and navy blue jeans, but he is known to don a grey sweater at times. His Department of Floaters flash patch is stitched onto the front of his shirt.


Andrew possesses a rather optimistic outlook on life, and subscribes to the theory that being positive can help one get past all the hardships. Yet he is known to be sarcastic at times, especially when he is in a grumpy mood or suffering from a lack of caffeine.

The nineteen-year-old is rather familiar with the Laws of Narrative, having been exposed to much fiction during his life. Yet this has led to an annoying tendency of his, for, due to being a troper, he regularly spouts out trope names to classify those fictional elements, which gets rather irritating.

He is also prone to acting in a dramatic fashion whenever he feels like doing so.

Agent HistoryEdit

Pre-PPC and RecruitmentEdit

Similar to his partner, Andrew was formerly a resident of the 'Real World' until his recruitment into the PPC. Much of his activities from prior to his recruitment are unknown, due to his lack of interest in talking about his past. It can be gleaned, however, from his uncaring attitude and lack of interest in the 'Real World', that he found it rather boring, which could have been a reason for him leaving immediately for the PPC.

PPC CareerEdit

Andrew's first assignment within the PPC was in the Janitorial Division, where he regularly spent his time cleaning the floors of the headquarters. Over time, he slowly got bored of this work, and transferred over to the Department of Floaters, where he became partners with Joseph Vladimir.

The two became rather good friends, and were already rather familiar with each other by the time of their first major recorded mission, which was a badfic set in the Bionicle universe. He and Joseph were called in as back-up, and he took a somewhat major role in the mission due to his familiarity with the canon, and exorcised Kopaka Nuva.

Mission LogsEdit

Partnered with JosephEdit

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