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This character was removed from continuity by his author.

Hmhmhmhmhmhmhmhmhm... —Andreas de Bry

Agent Andreas de Bry is the crazed head of genetics research for the Medical Department. Responsible for all tanks in HQ, he both maintains the regeneration tanks and cleans the Floating Hyacinth's tank. It's unknown why she trusts someone so obviously unstable with this sensitive job; it's possible she just wants to keep an eye on him.


De Bry looks too sterilized to be comfortable. He has a pale complexion, and is very tall and thin. He usually wears an insane grin on his face, and his eyes glint in a sinister way. He wears glasses and carries a cane, though he is certainly too young to require one.

He's been known to carry vials of Nightmare Fuel on his person. Nobody knows why.


He can perhaps be described as a "devil in plain sight." He has a cold, almost uncaring demeanor, quite odd for a Medical worker. He seems to accept just a bit too much, and is always seen with a cheerful expression on his face. A stickler for protocol, he will follow the rules to the letter, even to the point of breaching common decency.

All in all, he tends to creep people out.


As a member of Medical, he does not go on missions. His first appearance is in Agents Chliever and Winston's fifth mission and he will make many more appearances in their stories.