Anamia (Nami) Sanders is an agent created by anamia. She was recruited to the PPC by Agent Martin Carlini and Frances-the-intern, and is presumed to work in the Department of Floaters.


Nami has long black hair and very pale skin. Her eyes are brown and usually wide with feigned innocence. She dresses in black, though usually not in her PPC uniform, and tends to carry a large hourglass filled with black sand around with her. This supposedly tells her when the people around her will die, but it has not yet been seen in action, and Nami darkly suspects the Flowers of dampening her ability to sense death. Nami also carries a large book which she calls her spell guide, though surreptitious glances inside have shown it to be blank, at least to the naked eye. While on missions, Nami carried both of these items, as well as a pair of twin daggers.


Snarky and sarcastic, Nami was cast as the evil twin in her home canon. She tends to live up to the stereotype, and it's generally agreed that she does so on purpose. She is also usually in a fairly bad temper, as most of her powers were sapped from her when she joined the PPC, and she has not yet gotten used to it. Considering that her former abilities included the ability to stop time with a snap, kill people with a glare, and pop balloons by sticking out her tongue, this is understandable, but Nami is still bitter. She was allowed to keep the ability to pop balloons, though the Department of Angst is not pleased and might lodge a formal complaint with the Flowers with the accusation that Nami is hindering their ability to perform to the best of their abilities by destroying their tools.


Nami was cast as a Canon!Sue's evil twin sister. When the author of the original canon tried to write said Canon!Sue out of the picture, she would not go, and so the author hired the PPC to dispose of her properly. Nami witnessed the execution and was recruited. Her department is unknown, as the only time she is (will be) seen is as Agent Sarah Vym's temporary partner.

Mission logsEdit

Nami has no published missions.

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