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Amy studied the sky for a few seconds. Why do you hate me? Why can't you just kill him with lightning, just once, for me, please? But whatever god she might have been talking to, Manwë, she supposed, in this world, wasn't listening. Possibly because the author didn't know who Manwë was.
—"Forced to Love"

Amy was an agent in the Department of Mary Sues, Lord of the Rings Division, around the time of the Original Series. She was based in Response Center 1010, and partnered with Brent. However, given their severely conflicting personalities, it is unclear whether they remained partnered for long.

Amy transferred to the Lord of the Rings Division after her former division shut down; what this division was is not stated. She isn't described in the series, but it may be inferred that she is shorter than Brent and has a liking for duffel bags and chocolate.

Mission Reports[]

Home: The Last Word Is Always Goodbye

Partnered with Brent[]