Agent Amris, full name Marsivil Getrono-Parsim Amris Handrahen Trehebil-Makat[1] is a Value 2.0 Culture Drone serving in the All-Purpose Department, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Division.

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Amris looks like a bright white ball the size of a large melon. It has an opaque sensor band near its top. It is usually covered by aura fields — coloured lights that serve as its 'face' and convey its emotions to the organic beings around it. Its voice is quite deep for such a small machine.


Amris is a bit sick in the head (or whatever passes for its head, anyway). It likes to "play" with things, which usually involves exposing their innards in creative ways. It also has a sarcastic sense of humour and a mean streak a mile wide. It looks down at organics somewhat, but it feels insulted when compared to The Librarian.

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References Edit

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