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Agent Azrael prefers to be called "Az." She is a Haradrim Assassin out of a long-deleted Lord of the Rings fanfic. She follows a Suethor view of Islam, and works out of RC 688.5, with Agent Boston and her daughter Farawen. They work in the Department of Floaters.

Agent Profile[]


Az is about 5'11" and weighs in at 125 lbs. She has shaggy brown hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. She dresses in standard black clothing, most specifically a long-sleeved black shirt, loose black pants tucked into her boots, and a long black tunic with short sleeves and red trim. She carries her sword, a cutlass, on a dark orange sash around her waist, and wears khol as lipstick and eyeliner.


As a former badfic bit character, Azrael has a hard time coming up with a coherent personality of her own. She is aided in this by the fact that her Suethor stole her character design from a friend, who had properly fleshed out the character before it was stolen. As such she is easily angered, though quick to calm, and has a protective streak a mile wide. Application of makeup is a ritual for her. She has the tendency to throw people into walls when angry, and gets very angry when people threaten her daughter.

Agent History[]


Az is a recruit from a long-deleted Lord of the Rings badfic, where she played a bit part. She was intended to attempt to kill Faramir in revenge for her own rape, and be killed by the Sue, leaving Faramir and the Sue to raise her then-two-year-old daughter, Farawen. She was saved from this fate by the aforementioned protective streak; the knowledge of the fact that if she died, her child would be raised by the Sue and a possessed Faramir; and a pair of agents from the PPC who saw promise.

Partner History[]

Azrael has had one partner for the last five years, a man named Sheong with whom she also ended up in a relationship. Upon his death as a direct result of a mission, Az was transferred out of the Department of Mary Sues and into the Department of Floaters, and was assigned a new partner, Agent Boston.

Mission Reports[]

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Partnered with Boston[]