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Ami Seeker is an agent in the Department of Floaters. She is written by eatpraylove.

Agent Profile[]

The first thing one should know about Ami is that she's her author's ponysona (representation of what someone would look like as a pony). However, since eatpraylove never quite got around to writing a full story featuring her, she has no properly defined background, and more than likely fell through a crack in reality to get to HQ. (The spelling of her name is intentional, by the way; it's derived from "amie," the French word for "friend.")


Seen in the picture. Ami's cutie mark represents her love of music and extensive vocabulary. What's harder to convey in the picture is her stocky body type.


Like most ponies in her home continuum (and her author), Ami is inherently friendly and kind. This is best shown in her first mission, where she expressed sympathy for the Sue they were going to kill and briefly comforted her after the charges had been read. She is always ready to help wherever she may (or may not) be needed. She doesn't always know when to stop helping, though, which gets folks mad at her.

Unlike most ponies (but like her author), she doesn't quite know how to talk to people/ponies, and gets progressively more upset/nervous the longer a situation doesn't make sense to her. It's hard for her to recover from these "meltdowns," which is why she visits FicPsych on a biweekly-ish basis. Ami is also afraid of bees and their meaner cousins (wasps and hornets), shying away whenever she sees one. 

Where her partner takes various badfic-spawned horrors/inaccuracies at face value, Ami tries to find humor in them or at least give them the benefit of the doubt. The latter is naive and potentially dangerous, which she knows, but ponies don't seem to stay down for long. (Her explanation is that something can be handled or presented badly but still have a solid core idea.) Only three exceptions to this rule exist: inconsistency and/or bad logic, bullying (especially when directed at children), and disrespecting the Princesses (especially Twilight). She and Chris both have a Problem with bad SPaG. Note the capital P.

She's somewhat confused by modern/World One technology, and spends what little free time she has reading, practicing her singing, researching interesting things, or thinking up ways to get a grand piano for the RC.


Ami's canon-typical unicorn magic is fully functional. When she channels it, her horn glows the same shade of blue as her eyes. Besides giving her telekinesis, her magic centers around music. Specifically her singing, humming, or possibly playing piano. She can also cast illusions, but they look vaguely ghostlike and cannot make noise. As a cartoon character, she can take a fair amount of slapstick, though prefers not to when possible, and also run very fast when necessary.


In addition to her partner (and his Pokémon), Ami lives with the following:

  • A fluffy Velociraptor, who was a Newbie Gift from boarder Legacy
  • Meww and psych-heal the mini-Missingno, along with many others to be adopted out ASAP (ask nicely)
  • Trainee Miguel Correa, who can time travel thanks to his home fic. Miguel is further owned by his pet cat/Persian, Kitty, mew the mini-Missingno, and a Cyndaquil.
  • Brenda (formerly), who's from the same fic as Miguel and can transform into a Rapidash. She and zapdos the mini-Missingno are under SkarmorySilver's care as of February 2015
  • (as of February 2015) A Delibird her author received as a birthday gift
  • (as of February 2015) Violet Rose Greenfield, a Skyworld angel/reforming Mary Sue rescued by Agents Rashida and Sarah Squall and essentially traded for Brenda
  • Three of the PPC's first recorded Continuity Cats
  • (as of April 2016) A Stantler her author received as a 2015 Christmas present and the mini-Balrogs ring wraiths and witch king
  • Several mini-Chimera Animas, as well as Miki the anthropomorphic Pomeranian
  • (as of November 2016) Peal the mini-Centipeetle and Ki nana the mini-Demon

Mission Reports[]

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Partnered with Chris[]

Partnered with Chris, Trainee Miguel, and Trainee Violet[]

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