Amelia "Amy" Renner is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues. She is written by the Irish Samurai.

Agent ProfileEdit


5’6” tall, with a skinny build (primarily due to poor diet rather than choice), with brown hair and eyes. She finds the fact that her hair and eyes are the same colour (and above all, brown) to be really annoying, because she thinks it makes her look boring. Coincidentally, she likes to wear bright colours and striped clothing, particularly leggings and skirts.


She can be quite fangirly when excited, and her excitement may lead to her momentarily overcoming her usual shy nature around new people. She is aware that she may need to tone down such behaviour (after being told off by the Marquis de Sod for hyperventilating at the thought of actually going inside the continua of her favourite stories), and is trying with a great deal of sincerity, if not much actual success.

A master of the glomp, and a firm believer in Feng Shui (or at least, her own version of it). She comes from a rather poor family in World One, and has read a lot of fanfic because it is cheaper than books, and more convenient than libraries (which she still regards as one of the world’s greatest things). As such, she has a surprisingly high tolerance for badfic, and had even started reading one or two legendary badfic pieces before joining the PPC. Despite her joy upon discovering the idea of fanfic (stories about her favourite characters, but available for free whenever she wanted to read them), she was appalled at the quality of writing out there.

Amy believes that rules are there for a reason, and that they should be followed. Skeet’s more relaxed attitude is ever so slightly exasperating for her.

She has a friendly and bubbly personality when around people she is comfortable with, although is very shy around new people, often failing to make a good first impression due to nerves. She is easily spooked, and tends to fall over when startled. Will treasure any gift given to her, especially if it is a good new book.

Agent HistoryEdit

She has very recently joined the PPC, after dozing off at her computer in World One while reading a Harry Potter fanfic. After her panic attack at waking up in a strange place (the Marquis’ office) had subsided, and the Marquis was able to explain where she was, and the purpose of the PPC, she volunteered on the spot.

She has been assigned to Skeet for training.

Mission logsEdit

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