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Agent Amelia Grey is a Disentangler, of the Department of Implausible Crossovers. She is written by Just theDoctor.

Agent Profile[]


Amelia is slightly taller than average, 5'6" or so. She has short brown hair that tends to go everywhere and blue-grey eyes. She usually wears a black leather jacket with her flying pig flash patch on the back, and is never seen without her grey bag of holding, in which she keeps anything useful (and many things not). She tends to go for monotone colors when disguised.


Amelia swings from loquacious to laconic, inversely related to how many people are listening. She has an almost-unhealthy obsession with tech, and talks shop about it to anyone who will listen. She is generally unwilling to kill; hence, her weapon of choice is the Zat gun. She can laugh about most violations in a fic, except for taking canons OOC. She tries not to be strongly angered; when she is, it's an event of the ages. Most drugs (including Bleeprin) cause her to fall asleep.

Agent History[]


Amelia came in from the Real World, a volunteer. She had semi-official training, going on four (unknown) missions with a veteran agent (also unknown).

PPC Career[]

After her training, she was paired with Tyler Reynolds in RC 2142. As of yet, they have had no documented missions. They have "adopted" two pets: the mini-Reaper Dalke and the mini-Reaver Sands of Blue.

Mission Logs[]

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Partnered with Tyler Reynolds[]