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Amara is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues.

Agent Profile[]


Amara began as a replacement of the Witch Homulilly. As such, she looks somewhat like an anthropomorphised version of the Witch. Her hair is grey and white, with strands of black, tied in two neat braids that are each secured with a small glass orb with red sand pouring in from the top (though neither orb ever fills up. This is attributed to general Witchiness). Her costume is a very dark purple dress, with strands of small white orbs around the bottom and a small witch's hat with her Grief Seed pinned to the brim.


Thanks to her time in the void, coupled with her nature as a despair-spawned monster, Amara is somewhat terrible with people. She will normally not try to make friends with new people unless it seems necessary, but won't try to offend them. Unfortunately, given that she had no social skills even before becoming a grief-eating monster, she often comes off as 'just barely not insane,' which isn't too far from the truth. But once she does make friends with someone, she will almost obsess about making sure she doesn't lose them, which can lead to some interesting moments of flusteredness.


Amara started out as a replacement of the Witch Homulilly, one who retained her humanity in defiance of Madoka Magica canon. However, before it could be sporked by agents, it was deleted, and Homulilly fell into the void, which, of course, drove her insane. She popped in and out of fanfictions, hunting bit characters and Sues. After a long while of doing this, she became slightly sane, and realized that if she could become more sane, she would be able to hunt more efficiently.

She continued hunting and forcing herself to become saner, until one day, a badly translated Sue name caused a supporting character in a badfic to become one of her familiars, pulling her into Cepha and Fiorano's mission. From there, she helped them, and decided to join the PPC because it meant she could acquire food much easier.

Mission Reports[]