Alloy is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues. She is written by TheShyIon.


Alloy was recruited from a RWBY badfic, as she developed some small measure of awareness once away from the main Sue. At the time, she was a monster-hunter-in-training, and expressed a desire to kill Sues, viewing them as a subset of monsters. As such, she got tossed into the office of the Sunflower Official at the same time as Ginger-Wise was, and got named rather badly by the latter.


A typo in her home fic gave her hair of the same color and texture as American dollars, though it lacks the same pattern. Due to the Sue royally messing up her eyes, she's very nearsighted, and Suvian colors are painful for her to look at. Her glasses correct the first (a good thing, since her eyes attempt to "harden" when she squints) but not the second. Otherwise, she's pale-skinned and fairly animesque in body shape.


Alloy isn't quite uptight, but often gives that impression; she's uncomfortable using contractions, and therefore talks somewhat formally a lot of the time. She's fairly sunny, as well, tending to bounce back quickly and generally look on the bright side of life. This is often aided by Bleeprin, which Alloy consumes a lot of.

Mission Reports Edit

  1. "Enter Badfic" (RWBY)
  2. "Interlude One: Non-Understanding"
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